April 30, 2018

Sansara retirement community is set in one of Thailand's most beautiful beach locations, Hua Hin. One of the best ways to explore this landscape is on a bicycle. Where fast cars and noisy motorcycles speed one through the local area, bicycles are human powered and take the landscape on in more leisurely pace. One is free to be more spontaneous, winding through areas traffic bound vehicles can't explore. For groups, biking is a great activity allowing for conversation and commentary all through the ride. What's more, the health benefits of biking are indisputable.

As the years go by, running can often lead to stress fractures, sore bodies, and other uncomfortable results from pounding the ground. Biking is much more friendly on the body, and can be enjoyed for much longer into life. Riders benefit from cardiovascular workout, stress relief, muscle toning, as well as weight loss, overall body pain reduction, and relief from arthritis. Endorphins released while riding contribute to an overall well-being and mental health, as well. With so many benefits, matched with a beautiful landscape like Thailand, it's no surprise that biking in Hua Hin is a popular pastime, with many different tours, clubs, groups, or individual rides to experience.

Hua Hin Bicyclists is a local group with an active presence both online and off. With a home page listing information in both English and Thai, Hua Hin Bicyclists offers a place to meet not just other foreigners but also native Thais. Group bike activities are listed and continually updated on their Facebook page, as well as helpful links about buying bikes, riding in other locations, and links to other bicycle friendly groups. For more Do It Yourself types, there are more than 50 different bicycle rides listed with distance and elevation, at the online site MapMyRide. Finding a fellow biking enthusiast at Sansara and taking a ride a week will be a great way to spend a unique year exploring Hua Hin.

There's also the possibility of bike touring. Hua Hin Bike Tours leads all inclusive tours, every day of the week. Bikes, helmets, water, fruits and lunch are provided, along with pick-up and drop off from Sansara. If the biking bug takes hold, they offer multi-day tours as well, including the very ambitious (and popular) Tour De Thailand, which travels the length of Thailand in thirty days!

Regardless of depth of involvement, from a casual ride to the beach, to a community club, to organized tours or individual tour and exploration, biking in Hua Hin is a great way to maximize health, meet new friends, and experience your beautiful new adopted homeland. It will be a great new hobby to consider when retiring in Hua Hin, and living at Sansara.

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