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Sansara is providing a new offering that delivers security, low maintenance, excellent hospitality and a great community atmosphere for those that are looking to experience life from a new perspective.

Here, we have outlined many of the common questions people have asked when considering Sansara, If you have something specific that you would like to ask please don’t hesitate to email

What kind of lifestyle can I expect?

As a resident of Sansara you will be treated to a lifestyle more familiar in a 5 star hotel than a residence. From easy transport and apartment cleaning to luxurious pampering and massages by the pool, the hospitality concept of Sansara is to truly let you Live the Life You Love.

For more details on our hospitality services we recommend you visit here.

What hospitality services will be available to residents?

As a resident of Sansara you will be treated to a lifestyle more familiar in a 5 star hotel than a residence. From easy transport and apartment cleaning to luxurious pampering and massages by the pool, the hospitality concept of Sansara is to truly let you Live the Life You Love.

For more details on our hospitality services we recommend you visit here.


Legal Tenure Questions

Sansara understands that the decision to move to a new home is a big one at any age, and as such, has designed a unique ownership structure to ensure flexibility and financial freedom to all of its residents.

How does the ownership of a property in Sansara work?

Residents purchase the lease from Sansara of their apartment or villa for an indefinite term. If and when they decide to leave – Sansara will purchase the lease back from them at that time.

What are the advantages of this model?

This model allows for maximum flexibility. It’s hard to guess what life may bring, and knowing that should you need to move on from Sansara you do not need to worry about re-selling or property transfer headaches gives you the peace of mind to get on with living your life to the fullest.

Who can purchase a lease at Sansara?

Any person who is at least 50 years old may purchase a lease at Sansara.

Can I leave my leasehold tenure to a family member?

Depending on the circumstance, your partner may continue your lease as it currently stands. We also allow flexibility to have a named family member be offered the right of first refusal should your lease become available.

May I rent or sublet my Villa or Apartment?

Renting or subletting is allowed. There are certain conditions in place to ensure that the intended nature of the community is maintained. Sublessee must be at least 50 years old and agree to the terms and conditions of Sansara.

Property Questions

Can I make improvements or changes to my home after I move in?

You can make alterations to the interior or exterior of your new home (within reason). We of course have policies to protect the safety and comfort of all residents and to safeguard the aesthetic qualities and integrity of the community. The management will be happy to guide you through this process.

How are utilities handled?

We handle all utility suppliers and include the fees in your monthly charges, making it stress-free so you are never at risk of missing a payment.

Am I allowed to bring my pets?

Yes, pets are welcome at Sansara with prior approval from management.

What facilities are on offer at Sansara?

For a full list please visit our Facilities page

What transportation options do I have at Sansara?

Sansara offers a regular shuttle bus from Sansara in to Hua-hin town. Our team are happy to organize a hire car, taxi or other private transport to your desired destination.

What safety and security measures are in place at Sansara?

Our round-the-clock professional security team monitors the property and the personnel coming in and out.

What do I need to do before I go on vacation?

Nothing. Sansara’s lock-and-leave policy means you don’t have to worry about your home while you’re away; we will take care of all your household necessities on your behalf.

Financial Questions

How much does it cost to own a home at Sansara Hua Hin?

The cost of your apartment or villa is based on many different factors, including location within the community, size and type. Please get in touch with us at so we can find the right property for you.

What happens if I leave?

Sansara will purchase the lease back from you at the prevailing market rate. Depending on the purchase agreement you’ve entered into.

Your monthly fees are a bit higher than other places, why is that?

Sansara is different to other communities in that it is designed specifically for residents who wish for a full service hospitality lifestyle. Securing the best-trained staff able to cater to the specific needs of the community, offering the best in amenities and services, maintaining the prime location on the golf course, and servicing the exclusive privileges of the Sansara Club requires that no corners are cut. It is not just about sourcing these benefits, but maintaining high standards throughout Sansara’s lifetime.

Who pays for property taxes?

Property taxes for the communal areas are included in the monthly fee. The resident will be responsible for paying any property taxes which apply to their own home.

Lifestyle and Resident Management Questions

Will my independence and privacy be respected?

At Sansara your independence and privacy is paramount. We will always have an array of activities available and we encourage you to explore however participation is completely at your discretion.

What technology will be provided in my home?

Your home will be a total automation experience, the likes of which few have experienced firsthand. Whether you are just casually requesting the jets on the Jacuzzi are fired up or opening the full length doors to your balcony all can be done through voice activation. Don’t worry they also work the old fashioned way!

We also take your safety with the upmost seriousness which is why we have chosen the LifeGuard SmartHome IPD patented system from Australia that is your Personal Emergency Response system should you need it.

Needless to say no home of this standard is complete without excellent Wi-Fi in every room as well as the common areas.

Will friends or relatives be able to visit or stay overnight?

Friends, children and grandchildren are very welcome to visit or stay. Residents are free to entertain them in their home or in the community facilities and gardens. Guests will need to be accompanied by a resident if they are using any of the facilities or engaging in a community activity.

Care and Support Services

Will I have to leave when I need medical assistance?

Sansara recognises residents are all on different ageing and health journeys and therefore endeavour to provide or source assistance, at whichever level, as is needed by the resident to enable them to live independently at Sansara as long as possible.

Can I have home care or domestic help?

The Sansara team will assist residents to access a wide range of assistance, care and support services to make living at Sansara feel more like a resort than a development.

What medical facilities are available?

Sansara is working with preferred medical institutes to provide wellness and specialist services on-site. Consulting rooms will be available in our upcoming phase to allow visiting medical and allied health professionals to attend to our resident’s needs.

My wife has early symptoms of dementia, are you able to look after her?

Sansara is working with third party care providers to build relationships to situation further to make sure we have the best package for you to get the most from living with Sansara. We are able to provide a range of technology-assisted methods to help memory-impaired residents live as independently and safely as possible, including stimulating activities that nurture a person’s abilities while supporting memory retention.

Is there someone on duty all the time to look after the wellbeing of the residents?

Sansara has round-the-clock staff and security including 24-hour care personnel specifically employed to respond to the emergency call system.

Are nursing staff available to assist in the case of illness or injury?

All Sansara staff are trained to deal with the basics of first aid treatment. In addition, senior management and care staff are trained to respond to the emergency call system which will be monitored by a call centre with registered nurses.

What facilities are available if a resident requires residential aged care?

Sansara is working with third party care providers to build relationships to enable residents to obtain preferential access to residential aged care facilities in the event that transition is required.

What is “long lasting” health insurance provider?

You can either source it yourself or alternatively, we have arranged discounted cover for our residents with one of the most reputable insurance providers in the country. Please contact our team for more information.

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