January 22, 2018

Sansara prides itself on being more than a place to retire in Hua Hin. It is a vibrant community filled with people who are dedicated to active living and the utmost in personal attention and care. Sansara is dedicated to providing the feeling, safety and comfort of home, which we view as more than just our job. It is our reason for being, and our daily mission. This mission is lead by Hans Van Steertegem, the General Manager at Sansara. Hans is a seasoned hotelier, graduated from the prestigious Brussels Erasmus Institute, followed by a lifetime of hospitality management and direction at locations throughout the world. This depth of experience has made Hans an exceptional manager for this top tier facility. But more than that, the years amidst different communities have given Hans an intuitive personal understanding of the subtle touches and heart-felt feelings which create a place of warmth and welcome for all those living there. At Sansara, we call this “the art of community creation”, and our resident maestro was more than happy to share his thoughts on what makes his work at Sansara something that can’t be duplicated at any other place in Thailand… or the world.

Hi Hans, thanks for taking the time to speak to us. Lets start by asking what is your philosophy on community creation? How do you create a place that brings people together, and encourages them to become a community?

Hans: The most important success factor is our Company Culture. Once you get the right team of people together with a positive attitude, a great community is born. I am only one of many enthusiastic people who are spending a lot of effort, time and expense in creating Sansara Hua Hin.

Once you've selected that team, and everybody is working together, how do they make Sansara different from other retirement communities?

Hans: The big difference that people will experience at Sansara as opposed to regular real estate projects is our approach to lifestyle and community - we go out of our way to get like-minded people live the life they love!

Hua Hin is such a beautiful place, and it must be a real pleasure to work there. What is it about Thailand that you love? How does that influence your work in community creation?

Hans: Of the many countries I have had the privilege of working and living in, the Thai people are the most amazing. Thai culture and the Buddhist perspective permeating society here make it a unique place to live. The kind-hearted and helpful nature of Thai people provide the most ideal environment to build a warm and enjoyable community.

There are many choices for 50+ living communities, and places to retire in Thailand, as well as places to retire in Hua Hin. Individuals will have to decide what option suits their personality best. What type of person will get the most out of Sansara?

Sansara is all about the community life that residents can participate in as much or as little as they choose. But for someone who loves to be around positive people, build new friendships, live an active life and appreciate being looked after, Sansara is the one place where they can live the life they love whilst being supported by a community of like-minded people.

Hans, thanks so much for your time. We know you're busy taking care of all the details that make Sansara the wonderful place that it is. Your insight will surely help people who are researching their options online, in order to find the best choice for their future. Within the price point, which we’ve made great efforts to keep accessible, we don’t think there’s a better option. Making this wonderful experience that you are cultivating available to people at a reasonable price is part of the comfort and security we provide… and which you express so much through your work. So we'll let you get back to doing what you do best: creating the ultimate community for retirement in Thailand!


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