February 28, 2018

Nothing stops time. And as we age, the passage of time will impact our mental and physical wellbeing to greater degrees. Luckily, we don’t have to just sit back and take it. Preventative measures will help decrease some of the negative effects of the aging process. Aside from the basics of regular exercise, a healthy diet, and medical checkups to stay on top of medical issues, there are lots of little “hacks”-or shortcuts-that can help a person feel and look younger than their chronological age.

Eat Less, Eat Often

Culture conditions us to eat three square meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. But a healthier way to keep your weight down and maintain a more balanced metabolism is to eat five or six times a day, with much smaller portions. This also helps your energy level, since your body has less digestive work to do.

Negative Calorie Foods

Most foods add calories to our diet, but there are a few magical snacks that actually burn more calories than they give you. Next time you’re shopping, pick up apples, celery, and watermelon and munch those calories away.

Lights, Camera… Work Out!

Next time you’re in the gym or doing your daily work out, or practicing your golf swing or tennis stroke, turn on your phone video camera and film yourself. Then watch it later. Science shows that when people know their efforts are being recorded, they work harder for better results.

Mist Spritz

Prepare a cool water spritz in a hand-held spray bottle and spray your face every hour or so. This light level of hydration will do wonders to keep your skin looking great, and also help increase your level of alertness.

Beat your Bad Days with… Tetris.

Bad experiences have a negative impact by piling up in our brain over time, leading to the potential for depression as we age.  Scientific studies have shown that playing Tetris right after a bad experience helps block it out of the brain. The intense mental concentration involved in playing the popular video game diverts the energy required to process the memories. So next time something bad happens, plug in that Tetris and get yourself out of the funk. This will help you stay optimistic and mentally young.

All You Need Is Love

Physical intimacy with a loved one helps reduce stress and floods the body with endorphins. Studies show that people who have make love as they age often look ten years younger than their celibate peers.

Surf The Web

The series of connections that the mind makes while surfing the web helps vitalize the neurotransmitters while it processes information from a diverse set of sources. While watching TV might turn you into a vegetable, cruising the World Wide Web will keep your mind sharp.


Facial exfoliation helps remove toxins that build up in the pores. Through either chemical or natural means, regular exfoliation will clear the skin, and add a youthful glow to your appearance. Since Thailand is one of the world’s most beauty conscious places on the planet, it won’t be hard to find help in Hua Hin. Either the makeup counter of your local mall, or one of the many skincare clinics in the region will help determine the best exfoliation product for your skin type, and maintain your most healthy, youthful appearance. 

Fitting any of these helpful, easy hacks into your life will help decrease the negative impact of time. And passing these tips on will also be a plus. Regular socialization has a tremendously positive impact on our mental health. Sharing helpful information within the community is a great way to build a network of friends. And we believe there’s no better community to spend your retirement years than Sansara, set in Thailand’s beautiful seaside town of Hua Hin.


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