April 20, 2018

Sansara is more than just a place to retire in Hua Hin. It's a home filled with community, friends, and fellow lovers of life. Social possibilities abound, so we'd like to take this moment to explore those most wonderful of social lubricants: beer and wine. Where ever people get together to socialize, a nice drink can make things so much more pleasant, and Thailand is no different. Here are a couple good things to know about finding a good drink and some good company when living in retirement at Hua Hin.

Although Thailand has some beaches and towns known for a wild night life, Hua Hin is not one of them. The presence of the royal family, who have a residence here, sets a more distinguished tone for this lovely beach town. Peaceful as opposed to raucous, laid back instead of “in your face” the atmosphere of Hua Hin caters more to families and well-heeled Thais who weekend on the beach from Bangkok. Due to the amount of visitors, there are no shortage of bars and restaurants. You'll always be able to find a nice chat over a proper pint or glass of spirits or wine at these establishments. There are also local groups to join, and services to cater to varied tastes in alcohol.

The Craft Beer Association has a little more than 15 members and discusses the fine points of beer enjoyment through online exchange and Meet Ups. (Although please note that home brewing beer is illegal in Thailand.) Royal decree from the 1950s has established permits only for breweries that churn out incredibly high volumes of beers. Local microbreweries have recently emerged in Chang Mai and Phuket, staying legal by first “selling” their beers to distributors abroad, who then “import” the beer at quite high tax levels. Which can explain the high price of foreign beers in Thailand. Another highly touted service by beer lovers in Thailand is Wishbeer, an importer of microbeers from around the world. Find your favorite brews from Belgian, Germany, the US, the UK, and more, with a delivery service that will bring your brew from Bangkok to Hua Hin within just a few days. This is an exciting new development for brew lovers, offering a variety of beers which were impossible to find in Thailand until just recently.

How about an elephant ride followed by a glass of wine? Wine lovers will find both at Hua Hin Hills Vineyard, where lush landscapes grow the grapes making some of the regions’ most delicious vintages. Enjoy the spectacular landscape of mountain views while sipping your favorite beverage. The vineyard can be visited with groups of fellow enthusiasts found at Sansara, or explored with local wine groups like Hua Hin Wine Lovers “Les Vinitieres” and the Hua Hin Wine Lovers found on Face Book. The latter imports wines from all over and hosts regular tastings and social drinking events, which is a wonderful way to expand your wine knowledge base, meet like-minded friends, and toast yourself for having made the excellent decision to retire in Hua Hin, at Sansara. 


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