May 09, 2018

Hua Hin is listed as one of the top ten places in the world to retire. Part of this is the beautiful seaside location and proximity to Bangkok’s international airport. Remaining reasons can be found in the plethora of activities and activity groups started by the expatriate and local community in Hua Hin. Thanks to this, Sansara residents find themselves in the middle of one of Thailand’s most vibrantly active expatriate scenes.

How’s this for a list of things to do:

Amateur Theatre, Meditation, Backgammon, Bird watching, squid fishing, Marine Cultural Festivals, Chamber Music concerts, the American Car/Classic Bike Rally, Tri-Athlons, Food Festivals, Ten Pin Bowling, Dance classes, plane/helicopter clubs (both real and remote control), tennis, pub quizzes, classical Thai dance, Golf, fishing, beach polo, bird watching, jazz festivals, bike rides, salsa dancing, basketball and…

And, well, we don’t want to bore you. And there’s simply no end to the activities and groups in Hua Hin. Why not take a look for yourself? Thanks to the internet, these communities are easy to access. Some forums you can join for free, so you’ll be able to find friends before you even arrive in Hua Hin. That won’t just be fun. It will be healthy.

Research has shown that as people age, the more social activity in their lives, the less of a chance they will develop dementia or Alzheimer's. It is generally accepted that people with a social network of friends and families have the added benefits of better memory and improved cognition. There’s no better way to build those networks than joining in shared activities that you enjoy.

Some of these activities will be fun and simple to organize from within the Sansara community, thanks to the work of our community creators. Residents can also expand their local network independently, by reaching out into the Hua Hin environment and finding groups themselves.


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