May 31, 2018

Sansara is founded on the principle of community. We believe that living in community has advantages that living alone can’t offer. Science backs us up: numerous studies show that people who live in connection with others have longer lives, better mental health, and higher overall wellness than those who live alone.

One of the reasons for this is access to information. When people live together and form bonds, they share insights and knowledge that help others. This might be anything from a great book they just read, to business investments, locations of great local restaurants, health tips, or other advantageous insights. By listening to others and sharing what we know, we gain a wider base of knowledge. That knowledge is power. And that power helps us lead a better life. In the spirit of community living, we’d like to share a few little things that are simple to apply, and have a great impact on one the most important parts of your life: brain power.

Keeping your brain fit is just as important as staying in shape physically. Unfortunately, many of us let go of the activities of youth that stretched our brain power when we were young. Learning in school, playing new sports, taking language classes, and exposure to new people and places all help stimulate thinking. As we age, our idea of a good time becomes more routine. A lot of these habits and hobbies are relaxing, but don’t do much to sharpen us, mentally. Here are a few simple things you can do to keep your mind vibrant, powerful, and energetic.


Different scents can affect the mind in different ways. Lavender, for instance, is well known to help people relax. Did you know that sharp smelling citrus aromas can increase brain activity? Using strong smelling citrus soap or gel in the shower helps increase your brain activity whenever you bathe.


Drinking lots of water and staying hydrated makes sense anywhere, but even more so in tropical climates, like Hua Hin. There are added mental benefits, too. In the same way that the muscles need water for peak athletic performance, the brain benefits from regular H2O. Drink 8-9 glasses of water per day, and you’ll feel refreshed… in body and mind.  


Finally, let’s return to community. Beyond just the benefit of shared information, studies show that increased socializing helps the brain stay fit. Talking helps-even if it’s not deep and personal. Studies show that gossip and pleasant, light socializing improve brain function through increased use of the neuron pathways. As information passes through the synaptic connections, it stimulates the brain and keeps the neurons fired and wiring strong.

Sansara isn’t just comfortable, competitively priced, and fun…. It’s healthy, too. If you choose Sansara as your new community, you’ll be happy to know that everything from our building layout to our hired community manager and his staff are dedicated, round the clock, to building the type of place that is happy and healthy place to call home.


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