June 04, 2018

Most people in life follow a predictable pattern. They are born, grow up, find a particular profession, establish their home, and eventually retire. Expats aren't most people. Those who choose to follow their heart and let it lead them to foreign and exciting adventures are of a different breed. They break the traditional pattern and make their own new ones. Sometimes this leads to new insights not just about their life, but the human condition itself. Through history, there have many expats who have made their mark from abroad. Some of them doing this later in life.

Dante wrote Inferno while in exile, far from his hometown of Florence, when he was 49. By age standards of his day, that was an incredibly late moment in life to put pen to paper. That he did so far from home, in the wilds of a foreign land certainly inspired his now classic verse. France's famous literary light Victor Hugo wrote Les Miserables after his fiftieth birthday-- another very late age judged by the average life span of his time. The classic work was written abroad, on the foreign land of the Channel Islands, as opposed to his earlier work, which was created in his hometown of Paris. French painter Gauguin’s most famous artwork of Tahitian life was made later in his life, where the exotic location inspired him to paint some of the most enduring works of modern art. Other great writers, the UK's Anthony Burgess, who flourished in Malaysia, as well as F Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway, who both found a paradise in expat Paris, were also inspired to create in their new environments.

So what it is about foreign locales that gave these great artists and writers-- some of them in the later period of their life-- the great shot of inspiration that helped them craft some of the finest and enduring works of art and literature?

Living abroad provides ongoing new experiences, well into life. Of course, your retirement at Sansara will always be steady and comfortable. But the foreign landscape, language, and the ongoing mystery of cultural differences provide a spark of inspiration that sets the mind working in different and exploratory ways. Those who spend their later lives in a familiar land, with a predictable routine, tend to lack this late spurt of growing that expats enjoy. This enjoyment is the key to maintaining a youthful mind set. Learning and growing, making new connections, is both the stuff of inspiration, and the stuff of vigor. An active mind is an agile mind. And those who choose the rewarding challenge of a life abroad in later years will be entering a land of stimulation that will help them maintain a youthful outlook. 

We can't guarantee that you'll write the next “Les Miz” while living in retirement at Hua Hin. But Sansara promises you the same new horizon that many of the great artists and writers of our world chose to embrace-- many of them late in life-- in order to inspire and fire their imagination. Who knows what will happen in this new chapter in life? The only way to find out is to make the journey.

Sansara will be there with you, all the way.


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