July 05, 2018

At different points in life, different living locations hold appeal. The thrill of cities, the peace of countryside, or the warmth of village life all have their advantages. But when it comes to choosing a place to spend the most rewarding and relaxing part of your life, one geographic location has distinct advantages proven through scientific study: the seaside.

Research data shows that living by the sea extends life expectancy, improves mental health, and is probably the healthiest choice when it comes to picking places on the planet to live. Studies like this are one of the reasons we chose to build Sansara in Hua Hin. Let’s take a closer look at these proven advantages, to help you understand why we believe your 50+ years will be naturally enhanced through proximity to the seaside.

One of the greatest benefits of living by the sea is in the air you breathe. Air near the sea is charged with negative ions. These negative ions let your body absorb oxygen more easily. That helps even out your serotonin levels, putting you in a better mood while lowering your stress levels. Negative ions also help you have a deeper, more peaceful sleep at night. Getting that deep sleep helps with your overall mental and physical well- being.

That well-being is compounded by the water of the ocean. Research shows that the sound of waves alters wave patterns in the brain, which put people into a deeply relaxed state. That relaxation in turn helps rejuvenate the mind and body. Time spent in the water is also a great benefit.  Floating in the sea diverts blood away from the lower limbs, sending it into the abdominal region, increasing blood flow to the heart. This fresh blood moves more oxygen to the brain. That helps make people more alert and active. Seawater is often rich in magnesium, and that’s been proven to relax muscles and help induce sleep.

Even looking at the sea has benefits, according to some researchers. In studies from Michigan State University, USA, increased views of open blue space were proven to be associated with lower levels of anxiety and stress. And don’t forget all that sun. As long as there’s sunscreen being applied to shield out the harmful rays, sunshine is filled with Vitamin D. This boosts autoimmune protection, lowers cancer risks, helps build healthy bones, and increases endorphin production, making you healthy and happy.

Along with these scientifically proven health benefits come some social advantages. People who live by the sea tend to have more visits from family, because most people like a nice beach holiday. Spending your retirement years near the sea will increase your odds of having more visits from family and friends. Socially, beach side living is associated with status, and tends to draw people from more affluent backgrounds. That will help with your networking, as new business and information about financial investments is traded through casual conversation and friendships.

A great place to build those friendships is at Sansara, located in beautiful Hua Hin, on the coast of Thailand. Listed consistently as one of the top ten places to retire in the world, the magic of the sea probably has lots to do with the regions’ popularity. Living here will help you benefit from the magic every day. Why not visit Sansara and find out for yourself?


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