July 31, 2018

Growing older is a mixed blessing. The years we live through give us great experience, and enrich us mentally. At the same time, the passage of years works against our physical body, decreasing our flexibility. This is a natural process that is part of life’s design. However, retaining flexibility has advantages beyond just ease of mobility.

The more flexible a person is, the more they distribute pressure evenly throughout their body. That, in turn, puts less tension on high-strain body points, like the lower back. Your posture will also improve, making you move more efficiently, as well as look and feel better. With this mind, Sansara has found some helpful “flex hacks” that will bring you increased flexibility in no time at all.

Breathe Deep

Everybody breathes, but few people breathe deeply on a daily basis. That’s a shame, because this simple practice has excellent benefits. Five minutes a day spent in slow, deep breaths increases deep relaxation. Here’s a hint to do it right: watch your belly button to see that it moves in and out. That level of breathing increases your flexibility, and improves your posture and movement range.

Drink Up

Because muscles are made mostly of water, drinking lots of it will help. Ten glasses a day might sound like a lot, so if you want to build up to that, we’ll understand. But that’s a wonderful level of hydration to achieve, and your muscles will be more fluid and responsive in return.

Lay Back

Sleeping on your back lets your spinal cord stretch slightly during the night. That added flexibility will be felt the next day, when you wake up and stand up straighter than you would if you slept curled up on your side.


A deep, strong massage a few times a month is a perfect way to keep your muscles from getting stiff. When deep, kneading pressure is applied to muscles that aren’t stimulated normally, the circulation improves. This contributes to better movement, range of motion, and flexibility.


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