August 30, 2018

Times are changing. New developments in personal health, the understanding of aging, and our much less turbulent, safer society has redefined what we expect from our later years. This new world has given new life and possibilities to people 50+.  That hasn’t always been the case, so anyone preparing for retirement today, and considering a community like Sansara, is truly living at the peak moment to be retired.

If you are retiring, you have one person to thank for this concept as it exists in the modern form: Otto Von Bismarck. Just before the turn of the century, German chancellor Otto von Bismarck introduced pensions as an effort to cut down the growing socialist movement in Germany. The changes he made were adapted throughout Europe and America. Before that time, pensions were mostly rewarded to soldiers who had fought in war. This was fine in the agrarian economy, where life expectancy wasn’t long, and older men could help manage tasks in the fields. But that all changed during the Industrial Revolution.

The burst of machinery rapidly made age and experience nearly obsolete. Older people were challenged by the new, dangerous machinery and the strength that rapid production demanded. Retirement became more important then, as a means of social organization. What’s more, revolutions in medicine and science helped make people live longer.

Then much longer.

Sometimes, we’re just in the right time and the right place. If you’re 50+ now, preparing for retirement, you hit the lottery as far as social timing. Never before has retirement been so well funded, and never before has it extended for as long amount of time as it does today. With improved medicine and health technology, retirement years will be enjoyed for much longer than any of our ancestors ever experienced.

Since your retirement timing couldn’t be better, why not maximize that by choosing the right place to enjoy it? We feel that Sansara, located in Hua Hin Thailand, is the best place for retirement living. But don’t just take our word for it. Hua Hin is one of the top ten retirement destinations in the world. Through our community management, state-of-the-art facilities, and internationally seasoned staff, Sansara enhances that location with the ultimate in retirement potential.

When it comes to retirement, now is definitely the right time. Why not make it the right place, too? Sansara is a great option for the best time in your life.


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