What makes us unique is our community and our ongoing commitment to ensure it remains vibrant, fun and beneficial to every resident of Sansara. Our onsite team headed by Hans Van Steertegem - a leader in developing culture and community within luxury hotels - shows just how serious and passionate we are in delivering an experience and culture unlike any other.


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What first attracted me to working at Sansara was the dedication and freedom the management team were prepared to give me to create a unique culture. Culture of the staff and our approach to our residents is so key to developing the community and move it from a concept to a working, thriving entity that will be seen by visitors as a breath of fresh air to the norm.

We are all working hard to find the right people and to ensure that they bring with them a positive attitude to the community. We have brought in consultants from all over the world to ensure we are putting together something truly special here.



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