Whether you yearn to speak a second language, craft with your own hands, create a masterpiece, or just improve your backhand. Sansara's on-the-ground operations team is dedicated to finding and introducing unusual and fun learning opportunities into your daily routine.


golf_course Golf course 2 Free Rounds Of Golf Per Week*

Experience world class golf at the award winning Black Mountain Golf Course

location_city Day Trips and Excursions

Explore the natural beauty of Hua Hin's surroundings, visit National Parks, attend traditional markets and take in the rich culture of Thai life.

Tai Chi and Yoga Classes

Learning the ancient arts of Yoga or Tai Chi will open a new and wonderful world of mindfulness, health and relaxation to you.

extension Inter-Generational Programs

If it's your thing, in cooperation with the neighbouring International School, we organise joint activities where all ages can share a fun afternoon bonding and playing.

color_lens Art, Craft And Hobby

The place where you will find all equipment as well as the positive support from fellow residents to create your next masterpiece.

favorite Wellness Activities

At Sansara's Wellness Centre, you will find numerous options to enhance your wellbeing, stay fit and flexible, participate in interesting social activities and share your passion for your hobbies with likeminded people.

chat Guest Speakers

Whatever the areas of interest our residents may have, we invite experts on the subject to come and share their knowledge with us.

school Study and Interest Groups

Groups of residents can come together around common interests to share and learn.

airline_seat_flat Massage / Spa Treatments

A place to escape the world and enjoy being pampered and walk out feeling 10 years younger.

fitness_center Fitness Classes / Gym / Sports Instruction

A fully equipped gym to help you stay fit and strong, complemented by our Lifestyle Team Members who ensure you spend your energy the right way and with the best possible results.

pool Swimming / Aqua-Aerobics

A great place to work out, our aqua-aerobics coach will make you experience the pool as a fitness tool, all while being perfectly refreshed

* 2 Free games per week are included at Black Mountain Golf Course