June 08, 2018

The Eastern & Oriental Express is perhaps the epitome of elegant, first class travel. The exquisitely designed and serviced train trundles through South East Asia, running from Singapore to Bangkok. When compared to flying, The Eastern & Orient express is much slower, but that’s entirely the point. This once-in-a-lifetime train ride is all about the journey. While slowly gliding along at about 40 Km per hour, you’ll have a chance to relax and watch the scenery. It’s not a journey you’re likely to forget.

Running since 1972, the cars are outfitted to echo the deco glamour of the famous Orient Express, which has epitomized exotic train travel for more than a century. The décor is enhanced with flourishes of local culture, including rugs from Thai artisans, and window drapes embroidered by Malaysian weavers. With three different compartment styles and sizes to choose from, travellers have the option of travelling “en suite” in the larger rooms, or by smaller, cosier berths. Regardless of what room size they choose, riders on the Eastern & Orient Express have access to different cars along the train, from the saloon car with reading room, observation car lounge, piano bar, open air observation car, and two different dining cars.

Socialization is a great advantage of the Eastern & Orient Express, where both the length of the journey and the layout of the train encourages meeting and greeting familiar faces along the trip. Reservations pair travellers with different fellow riders at every meal, giving people the chance to mix with others. Food is included in the train fare, drinks are not. But during the day, stewards offer free tea and coffee throughout the lounge and observation cars.

The full journey is just over 1,200 miles, passing through Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, while winding along the Thai-Burma railway. This was built by Allied POWs during WW2, and has a rich, rather harrowing history that can be explored during a train stop at the infamous Bridge on The River Kwai. The Eastern & Orient Express also passes through some of Thailand’s most beautiful scenery, while navigating through national parks and mountain ranges.

The Eastern & Orient Express will also bring riders to Hua Hin, the home of Sansara. Easy access to this once-in-a-lifetime experience is something we are happy to provide. Our team of community managers will be happy to help residents make reservations, or travel to and from their departure and arrival stations. With ticket prices that are just slightly above $2,500 US, a trip on the Eastern & Orient Express is surely a treat, but one that can’t be matched by any train in the world.

Travelling the fabled train route is just another interesting, horizon expanding experience that living at Sansara puts right at your doorstep.